Shedding lock down lbs!

As a PT in my 59th year, I feel its incumbent on me to set a good example and exude some authenticity. However, the last 12 months have taken their toll and like many, I have managed to put on a few pounds. In January it dawned on me that come March we would likely start emerging from lock down measures and some action was required to get back into a better state of fitness and frankly feel better about myself (Recon we have all had these moments!). I realised that February was critical and whilst the temptation was to diet, this would not achieve the best results and more importantly would become unrealistic to maintain. I decided on the following approach:

  1. Cut out the naughty stuff that had become “every day is a weekend” habit.
  2. Record my daily intake of food to understand what I was consuming versus what reasonable should look like.
  3. Maintain a daily level of exercise activity which needed to be sustainable and enjoyable!

On Feb 1st I stood on the scales with great trepidation…having not weighed myself for some time. The result was as I suspected and a little worse. I was running a good 9 pounds over where I wanted to be. Belly fat and love handles were showing a bit too much. Wretched Covid had done this to me…well actually I had!

Nearly 2 weeks in and things are going in the right direction.


Sleep was disrupted for the first week…I kept waking up multiple times during the night. Thankfully it has now improved.

Recording everything has been a pain and takes time…finding me regularly routing around the recycling bin, fridge and cupboards to check nutrition information.

The daily calorie count has been interesting. I don’t have a huge appetite and have always tried to eat sensibly and well…plenty of fish, salad and veg and no red meat for over 30 years. I discovered my daily intake was quite considerably under my target intake. This begs the question…am I eating enough? And remains work in progress. It does pose the question…do we really need to eat over 2000 calories per day and I guess it really depends what our typical day looks like.

I have avoided daily weight ins. But have managed to drop around 6 pounds so far and certainly have slimmed down around the waist.

Exercise wise, I have managed to maintain a good daily average. I run a couple of intense HIIT classes per week and have become somewhat addicted to a daily fast pace walk averaging around 5 miles in the local forest…this also makes me feel great no matter what the weather and  there always something new to see.

Long and short of it: I honestly feel that change and weight loss are possibly ealiser than we realise…but we need to want it and approach it with a longer-term view otherwise we fall into yoyo syndrome and that’s not good for health or mind.

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