There are many types of exercise classes including: dance, pilates, boxercise and HIT and HIIT. My classes are circuits based and incorporate; cardio, resistance, balance and co-ordination, making for an all over workout experience. Exercise should ideally have a fun element but needs to be meaningful in order to improve health and well being. Cardio will improve stamina, resting heart rate and blood pressure. Resistance will strengthen major muscle groups that are essential for basic function e.g. standing up, walking and lifting. I genuinely believe that my classes are a little different from others, I use proven techniques from the world of athlete conditioning, provide full instruction along with adequate warm up, cool down and stretching. Come along and try a class for free and judge for yourself!

All equipment used is sanitised before and after each class. Hand sanitiser is provided and there is plenty of space to ensue everyone can maintain reasonable distance. Class takes on Monday evenings at Edgbarrow School sports centre. Based on circuits using primarily strength and conditioning exercise techniques. With a maximum of 10 to ensure focus on developing good technique and individual progression. Almost a personal trainer experience at a fraction of the cost.

Current class schedule:

Monday: 18:30 to 19:30 @ Edgbarrow school sports complex. Cost is £12 PAYG for group members.

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