Personal Training & Fitness Services

Personal training in Crowthorne is a great way of improving your fitness and health. Through motivating exercises that work both cardio and your muscles, you will improve your overall fitness and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

1-on-1 Personal Training

1-on-1 personal training in Crowthorne will help you get fighting fit with a personalised plan or ad-hoc sessions. I will perform a health screening before beginning training to establish your current base line of fitness along with suitable exercises to start with. Both will help us to measure improvement over time. Whether you’re getting wedding-ready or just want to shed a few pounds and improve your fitness, these fitness sessions are for you.

Golf Fitness Training

Improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance with golf fitness training.  Personal trainers are commonly utilised by many elite golfers and for good reason. Improved explosive power and endurance lead to an improved performance especially through the latter stages of your major board competitions. As an experienced golfer myself, I understand the physical and mental demands of golf and I will work with you to strengthen the relevant muscle groups and improve concentration enabling you to step on each tee feeling fresh and confident. I can also provide coaching with aspects of course management.

Triathlon and Endurance Coaching

A triathlon requires discipline, mental preparation, and plenty of physical training. Training for strength and not just cardio ability is intrinsic to this endurance challenge, so you need a fully developed triathlon training programme with your personal trainer. Having competed in most triathlon distances including Ironman, I have the expertise you need.

Couples and Group Training

Getting fit with your partner or working out with a group of friends is a huge motivator, so why not start couples or group personal training? Group exercises are incorporated into these personal training classes so you will work together (and sometimes compete against each other!) to burn calories, get fit, and increase your endurance.


Diet is often overlooked but is essential to help you get the best results from any fitness training and achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This should not mean misery and faddy diets! I provide nutrition analysis and guidance to ensure your diet is varied, enjoyable but is also healthy, so it complements the hard work of your training sessions.

If you are considering a personal trainer in the Crowthorne area or would just like to explore ideas to improve fitness or performance, get in touch with me today. Call on 07725344844 or email at to find out more about personal training in Crowthorne.

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