Worth £40; includes initial consultation. Try a PT session and experience the difference. 

Why: Aimed at helping individuals who are keen to start a meaningful exercise regime that is appropriate to their abilities, goals and will be fun! Ever wondered how a PT session will help improve results and sustainability? Not motivated to visit the gym and use equipment that looks quite scary!  Available to people over 40 years of age and living local to Crowthorne (limited offer)


The New Year will see many people try to adopt a fitness regime for various reasons including: health, weight loss, to look and feel better or for a landmark event. 

Why: Aimed at helping individuals develop a winning and sustainable approach to improving fitness through 2019 and beyond.

What: Using correct techniques and appropriate exercise types to ensure you get the most from exercise time. Developing exercise skills for life that don’t require a gym or expensive equipment.

Cost: £160*  (includes an extra session worth £40)

What’s included:

  • 30 minute 1:1 consultation to establish your personal goals, exercise history and preferences
  • 5 fully instructed one-hour sessions designed to meet individual needs
  • Held at suitable location/s to be agreed
  • Individual exercise programme (with a selection of suitable ideas)
  • General health and fitness guidance for the duration

*Subject to being local, only available to new clients.

Please get in touch to arrange the 30-minute consultation which is offered up front and free of any obligation or payment.  Selecting the right personal trainer and coach is very important!

Available as a gift voucher.


Would you like The Personal Trainer Experience at a fraction of the price?

Have you ever thought it would be great to have your own personal trainer but been put off by the cost? Here is your opportunity to receive four personal trainer sessions for £75.

Why: To help you meet your personal goals with appropriate and specific exercise including your own programme to take away.

What: learn how to maximize your exercise time, developing exercise skills for life in mixed environments (gym, sports hall & outdoors) using a range of classic and modern equipment and with correct technique.

When: 4 one-hour sessions over four consecutive weeks (evenings and/or weekends).

What’s included:

  • A 30 minute 1:1 consultation to establish your personal goals, exercise history and preferences
  • 4 fully instructed one-hour sessions (shared with 2-3 other people)
  • 3 different environments
  • Your own exercise programme
  • General health and fitness guidance for the duration

How much: £75 per person (assuming 3-4 people)

Register your interest: visit my website contact page and send your details quoting “TPTE”

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