Welcome to simon personal trainer

Are you training for an event or do you have a fitness goal for 2019?
Run that first 5k, increase your distance, compete in a triathlon, step onto the first tee feeling magnificent…..
Or, would you just like to feel healthier, fitter and generally stronger? I can help….
I provide 1:1 and group training for general fitness which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. I specialise in sport conditioning for cycling, running and golf. Sessions can be delivered at your home, work or suitable public outdoor spaces. Local indoor options are possible.
Consuming careers and family commitments challenge time making it hard to maintain a regular and progressive exercise programme. Gyms can be daunting and from my own experience it’s hard to stay motivated, achieve the best results and maintain them.
If you’d like to arrange a free consultation or simply have an informal chat about your exercise objectives I’d love to hear from you.
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