Simon; Personal Trainer in Crowthorne

Hi, my name is Simon and I have worked hard to become your local personal trainer in Crowthorne. Whether you are looking to improve general fitness, training for a specific event or have a fitness goal in 2021. I offer personal training, sport specific strength and conditioning and fitness classes in Crowthorne.

Personal training can be provided either at home, workplace or suitable outdoors spaces of which there are many in the Crowthorne area. I generally use the Pinewood campus with kind permission from the parish council or Swinley forest which is perfect for challenging walks, runs and exercises that will improve: balance, co-ordination, speed and strength. I am a strong believer in helping clients develop exercise skills that will last for ever.

A gym is not required and I can be very flexible around time. Careers and family commitments can make finding the time to maintain a regular and progressive exercise challenging. This is where I can help, providing motivation and results based exercise ideas that will equip you with life skills to enjoy and maintain good exercise habits.

I offer an initial no obligation and free consultation to understand your health and exercise history along with exercise goals and objectives.

My fitness classes in Crowthorne are generally run as smaller group training sessions, allowing each individual to get the most out of every minute spent exercising.  These take place on Monday and Thursday evening at the Morgan recreation ground.

My Services:

  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Nutritional analysis and guidance  
  • Sport focused fitness 
  • Middle age guys tone up and feel great (I am one!)
  • Small Group training
  • Custom exercise classes including families

I am keen to motivate and help others achieve fitness goals no matter how small or large. I believe health and fitness represent the building blocks of possibility, whether you want to feel more confident with your apperance, mobility, complete a Parkrun or prepare to take on a more challenging bucket list challenge, I will help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose Me? 

  • It’s all about you! 
  • Highly motivational and matching safe and suitable exercise to your needs 
  • Expert tips and advice
  • Fun sessions
  • Varied sessions tailored to your goals with fresh challenges
  • Free consultation

Exercise should be fun, but it needs to be meaningful in order to improve health and well-being. My classes incorporate circuit based training with; cardio, resistance, balance and coordination making for an all-over workout experience.

For more information and to arrange a free informal consultation, please call me today on 0772 5344844, alternatively, you can contact me using my online form to start your fitness journey and reach your goals.

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