PT for Sports and Events

Are you an avid golf player, do you have a competition or tournament coming up? PT sessions with me will help to train and prepare you for your upcoming event. Whether you’re seeking to improve your energy levels and concentration or looking to increase distance as a result of strength and conditioning training, I can train you.

Performance Focussed PT Sessions

All of my personal training plans are personalised to reflect your goals and where appropriate help you to prepare for your big event. I have a wealth of experience in performance fitness, as a passionate golfer, runner, cyclist and triathlete myself, so I understand the needs and demands placed on your body. Together, we will create a plan that places your goals at its heart and work towards your enhanced fitness so that you can perform at your best on the day of your competition. We will work backwards from your competition date to create a fully realised and formulated training plan before commencing our sessions together.

We will work on your performance, flexibility, recovery, power, and mental discipline to truly better your performance ready for your big day. To discuss your personal training needs and formulate a plan, contact me today.

Competition Diets

The measure of any athlete isn’t just what they can do, but how they power their body too. Your diet is essential to providing your body with the energy and protein it needs to strengthen and sustain your continued progress. I will analyse your current diet to see where we can improve your nutrition intake to enhance training, performance and recovery.

Personal Training Sessions for Athletes

I will help you prepare for:

  • 5k and 10k runs
  • Competitive cycling tours
  • Half marathons and marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Golf competitions

Booking a personal trainer in Crowthorne to prepare for your next triathlon, race, or competition will help you to reach your optimum performance and hopefully achieve new personal bests. Call 07725344844 or email at to find out more about personal training for competition preparation in Crowthorne.

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